32 Best Free Movies Apps for Streaming & Download – Android & iOS

Entertainment is intrinsic but is it free yet? Well, it takes a particular sort of capital even to experience that. Especially if you are a student striding hard to pay off your student debt, free entertainment is what they look for. 

To help these poor souls out, there is a compilation of some of the best streaming sites and free movie apps.

32 best free movies apps watch movies online

This compendium of apps can mostly be downloaded from play store or any third party app stores. Streaming services are popping up here and there mostly when the restrictions were courted against torrent sites.

These apps or free streaming sites are providing free content which compensates for the lack of torrent in our lives. It is not possible to afford or even wait for movies that take months to even reach the shelves of stores after its release.

Streaming these movies is always a better option. VPN use is advisable because many of these apps draw their resources from various torrent sites so a VPN should make sure that you are the safe ends.

Streaming is beneficial if you run out of primary space on your devices. These free movie apps listed below will help in the long run and for a chill evening or to relieve some work stress.

1. Showbox APK

Showbox is one of the most underrated apps which are available both for pc and Android platforms. This app offers you a lot and lets you stream movies or TV series.


It has a user base of more than a million which still expands every passing minute. This app is yet to be availed in the google store but can be downloaded from their official site.

The app can be installed by just downloading the app and installing it on any preferred android device. It also has a chrome cast support which makes it easier for you to stream on any preferred gadgets especially your TV.

You can also download or stream the movie in High Definition and also has iOs compatibility. This App is also available for your PC in case you were wondering for one.

2. Terrarium TV APK

The latest addition to the family of free streaming services, this app is a fit counterpart for Showbox but is an upgraded version of its former.

It hosts its file on cloud-based services and runs smoothly. It has an updated library of shows and movies with new additions added daily.


It is primarily built for Android compatibility and is lightweight wherein it takes very little resource of your device to run without causing any lags on your devices.

You can easily download this app via the official website. This app is also available for iOS users too which is kind of fortunate in spite of these elite iOS users already having plenty of streaming services of their own.

This app is currently not available for PC, but you can use any android to PC emulator to run this software on your PC.

3. Tubitv APK

Yet another popular app which lets you stream for free. Tubitv App has over 7,439 titles all in their library waited to get binged by you on a chilly winter evening with a warm cup of coffee under a blanket.

If you are into k-drama then this probably the place you should be looking for. This app is available on various platforms and has an alluring and robust category with movies from every genre.


It currently supports android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, and PlayStation. It has a very interactive website too.

4. Movie Box APK

A replica of Showbox but has an excellent overall service for a free app. You can either stream or download your favorite movies or series just in a jiffy.

It has a consolidated amount of users, and it gets fixes and updates from the developers after getting community feedback. It has a vast library with lots of genres and categories from where you can watch.


In order to get hold of this app, you can visit the official page where you can download the application, primarily built for Android, but still supports iOS.

You don’t need to jailbreak or go through any trouble to use this app. Just follow the instructions given on the page and enjoy!

5. Movie HD APK

It used to be in the google app library but somehow was discarded for some policy violation. Thankfully, this app still exists, and you can download this app via the official website.

Movie HD APK download

Downloading this app for users across any platform is effortless. This app is somewhat similar to its peers and also includes chrome cast compatibility.

Videos can either be streamed or downloaded in HD (if you want to) It also has a vast library which gets updated now and then. It is definitely one of the nicer Free Movies Apps.

6. Snagfilms APK

Apart from the blockbusters and conventional flicks, people often have the urge to watch movies which are not mainstream in nature, and this here is a perfect place where the library is literally sitting on a golden archive of film each segmented on their genres and categories.


From LGBT+ to documentary movies, it never fails to surprise. It is available at the google play store and is the best app if you are into movies like these.

7. Freeflix HQ APK

A polished, and free movie app which has a user base of more than 1124752, and still counting.

The library of it has over 15704 movies, 4531 tv shows, and 7253 anime/cartoons. Unlike other apps of its tribe, FreeflixHq is available for all platforms and even on Xbox.


It is entirely operational in android tv and fireTV. You can stream all your desired shows or movies in full HD with chromecast support. You can also save the movies in offline mode.

If you are an anime freak, then this is definitely the app you must be having. With its inbuilt calendar, it helps you stay updated with all the shows and movies releasing. WWE is your jam? Then say no ore, you can have WWE on demand as well.

Sometimes it can get hectic to follow all the shows you are watching at the same time but with TRAKT.TV support you can keep track of everything you are watching. It also lets you watch the trending trailer and has access to the IMDB website.

It also sports a user-friendly UI which is fully customizable and has a built-in player with subtitles. If you are missing your cable TV, then this app also lets you access TV channels.

To use this app, you will have to visit its page and download the app to run its installation on any preferred devices.

8. Crackle

It is another famous streaming app which lets you watch and stream videos anywhere. It doesn’t feature a download option which might be a major drawback for some, but streaming is always a better option since it saves your HDD space. It currently supports Roku, Android, Xbox, Apple TV, PS3,iPhone compatibility and can installed on either of these platforms and streamed.

They have their very own curators who have compiled and categorized all the movies accordingly.


The library is endless and has a countless number of movies and TV shows to stream. This app is available at the google play store and is the people’s favorite amongst the various Free Movies Apps.

To use their services, you must have a registered account, and you can add devices to your account for watching your favorite movies or shows anywhere you like.

They also alert you about the upcoming and all the released movies or shows according to your preferences. You can also add your favorite flicks to your curated list and watch them later. It is also kid friendly where matured contents can be filtered out with parental control mode.

9. Viewster

Viewster is one of the leading streaming hubs in Europe. This app lets you watch movies, series and even anime. It has been connecting all the passionate viewers out there with their alluring content and library which updates on a daily basis. It includes all the niche shows or movies as well gameplays or game streams and anime.


It is available for people to use any preferred platform where it currently supports Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and smart TVs. It, of course, is available for iOS and Android stores respectively.

This app has original content creators, and its major focus is on their original web contents. It is free of any capital and has no extra hassle of signing up.

10. Viu App

Viu is now one of the largest streaming media in this world. This is an over-the-top video service which was debuted in the year of 2015 at hong-kong.

It is also the leading mobile video platform with over 9 million subs on a global scale spread across 12 countries. For Korean dramas, this is the best place for you to visit.


This app also has a premium version where revenue is charged for more content and unlocked features.

11. Hubi

Hubi is a free app/tool which lets you download movie or stream videos. Likewise, it also acts as a tool to download or extract the link to download videos from any online page.

The download feature is convenient especially if you like collecting online video/content for the sake of collection. This is available both for iOS and for Android. For iOS, anything later than 5.1 is compatible.


It is also available in English, Spanish, and German languages. It has a current support of over 39 services to download and is also available on google play store.

This app might not be available globally due to geo-restrictions, but you can always use a VPN to access it.

12. Popcorn Flix APK

Even it might sound somewhat similar to another big competitor, rest assured this is not a knockoff. Another free movie app which lets you stream full-length movies from compelling documentaries to the latest blockbusters, this app lets you have them all and without any charges.

The library is extensive and has categories or a genre which helps the people to watch what they look for. This place also includes TV shows and original shows as well which are again free from any kinds of revenues.


Apart from Hollywood, it also has foreign movies which are also compelling to watch if you are into that kind of movies. It also happens to hold an archive of many classics and surely is an app to look out for. Currently, it supports AppleTV, iOS, Roku, Amazon, Xbox and of course Android devices which makes it more versatile.

13. Mobdro APK

A very similar looking app except that it has extended services which lets you stream movies and also watch sports and news. This feels like a complete package and a change of air because unlike other apps it also has the option to watch the news or sports broadcasts.


You can easily watch, share and bookmark your favorite videos. There stream quality is outstanding too and is very consistent. This app also cuts down on your cable budget because there is no point in watching on cable when you can watch the same thing for free. It currently sports two version where one is free, and the other one required some capital.

The premium version unlocks some special features like stream capture and chrome broadcasts. And the premium version also rid you of the ads which can ruin the experience while watching or streaming.

14. Free Movies

Available for any Android platform, this streaming service connects you with a live movie database which consists of 50k+ movies and that too for free.

These movies are all listed accordingly, so that you can watch any genre-specific flick instead of searching for that one movie you like from that particular genre.


This app lets you use the mobile browser which is a very innovative thing to do since the app may have some issues with the UI. But that is the least of all our problems when it delivers what it promised to.

15. BigStar Movies

If you are an indie-movie junkie, then this is the perfect app for you. This app lets you access over thousands of award-winning movies and has a comprehensive range of movies that covers various genres and themes.


From war to queer movies, this app lets you have it all and that too for free. But in order to stream, you must register yourself with an account.

It serves as a demographic with particular niche flicks and is very polished. It also has a paid version which removes any ad whatsoever. The app is lightweight and doesn’t eat up a lot of resources on your device.

It is also easily available at google play store and is worth a shot.

16. Hotstar

Inspired by various streaming services hotstar is a brand new initiative to bring free and quality entertainment in the hands of every Indian, It also has pay to watch segments but has free contents too.

The app recently started airing Game Of Thrones and is a good equalizer in the Indian market where piracy is on the run. It mostly runs Indian movies and serials, but there are few select English movies.


The quality is set at par with the global standards so don’t expect any sort of quality compromise. This app is influencing the media market and can even Netflix a tough competition. It is the full package and is highly recommended and loved by all.

Currently, this app is unavailable for places outside of this country. This app can also be used for PC but through the use of emulators. Official PC software is yet to be availed but if you want to experience this on a bigger screen then you can use it via blue a stack which is a very popular android to PC emulator.

17. Voot

Voot which is a Viacom telecom network product is an app for Indian network and air only contents from this country.


It is free with excellent streaming quality and has a large collection of movies and videos for kids. This app is versatile and cohesive. It is a comprehensive app for India where the market lacks apps like these.

18. Spuul

Another Indian streaming app which lets the viewer dive into the culturally enriched hubs of our nation where they can view all the local as well as regional movies.

This app also has a premium version at 150/ month which is surprisingly cheap and cost optimum for viewers of all demographics.


It also has a great archive of vintage and classic movies which can be binged with your family. You can either download or rent a movie through this beautifully curated Indian app.

19. Jio Cinema

Jio services are stepping up their streaming game with this app. This app has everything an Indian movie lover would want.


From videos to trailers and full-length movies, it has it all. This app is only available for the JIO users. It also has an offline mode which lets you download the movie in case you want to watch it later.

The UI of this app is polished and has a premium touch with all the recent upgrades. But to use this app, you must either have a Jio sim or wifi otherwise it can’t be accessed.

20. BoxTV

A mediocre yet essential mention and it has some free content but has a premium version too.


It promises to have around 5000 hours worth of movies and has regional movies too. The movie also has an offline mode which lets you download your movies to be watched later.

21. Netflix

Last but not the least; Netflix is a premium app with contents that are beyond amazing. Most of these are original Netflix contents, and they cover every genre of movies known to humankind.


With its presence in over 150+ countries, netfli9x is the largest growing VOD. The subscriptions may vary depending on the country you are from. When it comes to premium streaming services, Netflix has triumphed over all.

22. Playbox HD APK

Underrated and an excellent addition to the tribe of free movie apps, it has over 50k users worldwide. It appeared a couple of years back but still has a replenish able library with over 60,000 titles.


It is relatively popular and has a good stream quality with a user-friendly UI. No capital is involved, but commercial ads will be popping up, and the app won’t work if an ad blocker is used against it.

The app is worth checking out, but it might be a turn off for some movie buff mostly due to the ads popping up all the time. Otherwise, it can be a useful app for watching movies.

23. Kodi

Kodi is a different ballgame altogether because it is made and funded by a start-up app. The XBMC Foundation created this app and is continually providing fixes and updates to make this app even better.


This app is getting tweaked now and then, and more updates might make you feel strange because this app is not conventionally static. It is open source, so the community involvement makes the app even more stable and divisive.

Since its existence in 2003, more than 500 developers have contributed, and about 200 translators made sure that the app gets the best from the community and by the community. If you have a smart tv or any smart device, Kodi will turn that into a portable streaming box, and you can enjoy movies or other media anywhere.

Kodi now supports Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Android and even on OSX/iOS. You can also stream movies, music and share pictures. Your favorite TV shows are also here at Kodi. You can also use add-ons to unlock more features like stream record or changing the skin of the app. Kodi is a great app and worthy to be checked out.

24. Yidio TV

It is a unique take on free streaming services that are already there in the market. It acts more like a search engine that hooks you up with the various other platforms where you can watch the desired show or film.


So in order to use it, you can search for some random title, and it will provide you with all the possible links where you can watch that particular film or tv show. It doesn’t host movies, but instead, it works as a mediator between the users and other streaming apps/websites.

But all the contents from here are not free, so you will have to look out for the free content by yourself which might be a turn off for many people. The shows can be filtered and searched to suit your needs.

The stream quality is decent, but you need to register yourself for an account where you also get the benefit of getting daily alert about new or upcoming shows that you can binge. A free app is available for all the Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle.

Even though the contest found there are mostly hosted on other websites, they also have some content of their own which are free and stream able.

There are plenty of free shows and films to watch if you have the time to browse on, but if you are a bit nitpicky, then you should search for an alternative.

25. Youtube.com

A free and the most popular streaming services in the world, YouTube is one of the fastest growing communities where you can watch various kinds of videos, web-series and even gaming content.

It is often discarded as a movie streaming app because it primarily doesn’t do so, but you can rent or buy movies here that can stream or even saved for offline viewing.


Other than that, you can always search for free movies which get uploaded on YouTube and if you have some time on your side then finding some excellent old vintage and classic flicks won’t even be a problem for you. There is a subreddit where you can check the movies that get uploaded to YouTube.

Most of the newer titles are not available due to copyright policy, but there is an archive of old and other good short/documentaries as well foreign films that you can always watch.

26. Hulu.com

It is a streaming service which is quite similar to Netflix and is slowly getting the recognition. A lot of newer series and movie are being published under Hulu just like Netflix, and so like Netflix, it has a bunch of original content that can be streamed.


It is relatively similar to Netflix mostly because it shows or has a library similar to the former but less diverse or extensive. It is not a free service since it needs a monthly subscription fee.

The streams are capped at 720p HD so that it might be a huge disappointment for people for like movies or shows in higher resolution. Hulu has original content and also host live sports broadcasts as well. Kids can also use Hulu since they have a dedicated kids section.

You can do a seven-day free trial which might give you a taste of what you might receive when you use Hulu. Currently, some of the Marvel series are getting hosted at Hulu as well apart from Netflix.

And if you are into sci-fi then Hulu certainly has a great collection for that. The hand’s maid tale which is a Hulu original has been widely appreciated by the critics and is a show worth watching.

So, if you intend to watch original shows that Hulu is your place. But you will need to keep the “Netflix has this too” button off, since that might ruin the experience for you while watching Hulu. Hulu can also be used on multiple devices from a single account with its family sharing.

27. Bobby Movie Box

This app is only compatible with Android devices and is a great app for your friends and families. It has tons of movies and TV shows which are devoid of any capital or subscription.

It is easy to use and is a great entertainment hub. It does not play any kind of ads which is a huge plus for movie users and is very rare in free streaming platforms like this. The UI looks polished and very interactive making it more enticing for people to use. It has the premium edge.


Most of the titles here can be streamed in full High Definition. An iOS version is on its way, but there are alternative apps which can be found on the official webpage of this app. It has now added a filter engine which will help you search movies.

You can also choose your desired servers that suit per your ISP peers. With its new updates, it supports Chromecast and airplay as well and Built-in player with subtitles that supports over 225+ languages. You can also request for movie or TV shows which will eventually get added in the library.

The library is huge and gets regularly updated so that there is no dearth of shows. Now you can watch your favorite movie on a watch-later playlist, and in the later updates, it was rumored to support offline mode which is quite common in apps similar to this.

28. Popcorn Time APK

It is one of the latest additions where they just celebrated their one-year anniversary. Even though they are late to the party, they are doing a phenomenal job in keeping up with the competition with other big names on the market with increasing user base that adds up with every passing second.


This app is free but more unlocked features you can upgrade to a premium account. Stream qualities are good, and user feedback suggests that there have been no buffering issues even on slow internet connections.

This is a huge performance boost as a streaming app. You might also want to use a VPN since it draws most of its resources from torrent websites. With an excellent library, you will never run out of things to watch. The built-in player supports subtitles and lets you stream in HD.

You won’t even have to wait for download or buffer; you can cut straight to the chase and have a gala time watching your favorite flick. It is available for Android and iOS.

A PC version for that app is also there but in its beta phases but you can always download the app and try it.

29. Cartoon HD

The title of this might seem misleading as someone might think that it only streams animated movies or series. But the truth is that it has a diverse set of genre in its library which gets upgraded on a daily basis.

It was pulled out of the apple store due to some copyright issue, but after a considerable makeover, this app stood its ground and its back. The app has no option to change the overall quality of the stream, but you can choose your preferred servers from where it can be streamed.


This app is somewhat similar to popcorn time where it used to act as a mediator who connects the viewers with contents with legitimate links from where they can watch the desired contents.

But the revamped app is entirely different because it runs and hosts all the shows by itself. The library is stacked with new contents with popular TV series and movies. The servers are well optimized, and it starts playing with just one click of a button. It never buffers unless you try skipping a scene.

It is very bright, and useful app with a user friendly UI. You can definitely check them out.

30. Dailymotion

This indeed a handy streaming app, which is available in the play store ready to be used in any smart Android devices.

The movies can be streamed at various resolutions that suit the viewer’s tastes. But mostly the default quality is at 720p HD which means that it provides a fairly good quality. The daily motion also has other videos or TV series from across the world.


It also is a platform where videos can be uploaded. The app provides free services and has a large number of movies if you have the time to browse them thoroughly.

The app doesn’t have a well-curated gallery, so if you want to watch something, then you will have to skim through the app with patience.

31. Megabox Movie

It indeed lives up to its name and is an Android app which can be downloaded from the play store or its official site.


The app responds well and uses very less amount of resources from your device. The UI is fresh and easy to use which makes it alluring for viewers.

The animation of this app is also smooth which makes it look sleek and gives it a premium edge. The app consists of a large variety of genres and categories which help you find the movie you want to watch or have the mood for.

The film also has a detailed rating and review as per the IMDB website with a plot summary which helps the viewer to get a taste of what they are going to watch.

Every one of the movies is sorted and curated correctly which makes it convenient for your watch. The favorite playlist lets you add your liked movies to that list or you can either choose to include a film which can be watched later on.

This is mostly used while you are watching a TV series since that helps you keep track of the things you are watching.

This app also allows you to save videos for offline viewing. So if you want to watch the movie without any buffers then should probably be your app.

32. Cinemabox HD APK

A streaming service made especially for HD movie streams. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

This app doesn’t need an account or any subscription that makes it even more enticing. The interface of this app has a minimal design and looks good for a movie streaming app.


For that matter, the aesthetics of the app is necessary since it is easy for people to get attracted to appealing things.

The app has segmented its movies into various categories according to their genres which make it easier for anyone to watch movies or shows.

Many streaming sites or apps have bloatware or adware which might hamper your devices and slow down the overall stream, but for that matter, this app is entirely safe and devoid of any such fallacies.

This app also includes alternative streaming host for instances when the primary host is either down or undergoing a repair process.

This option is also helpful since some of the hosts are well suited for different ISPs.

So choose wisely. This app uses commercial ads which is the only con visible. This can be considered as one of its drawbacks, but the overall features compensate for it. This app uses a parental lock to provide filtered contents for children.

It also allows the users to block movies that they don’t want their children to see. It also allows the users to download or save the movies for offline purposes anywhere you go.


The list is entirely unbiased, and viewers can feel free to use or follow the list accordingly.

The list is enormous thus giving you more option to choose what suits you the best.

There are many other services which might have been missed but feel free to drop by any suggestions. These suggestions are purely based on internet feedback. These apps are mostly free apart from the premium ones.

It is always advisable to go for the premium services if not otherwise. To get more information of respective apps mentioned here, don’t forget to visit the official websites of these apps for more information.

Enjoy The Movies & Take Care 🙂

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