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When it comes to HD home entertainment, Apple is just better than anyone else in the Industry. Apple products are always having the technological advancement that made the glorious name of Apple. One of the products that Apple users were looking to get was a way to enjoy the HD Videos. For that, the Apple TV was created. Apple TV is my favorite movies watching device. Apple TV is the very good application that was developed to play content from different digital creators developed from the Apple iTunes Store, Flickr, YouTube,  or Mac OSX or Windows PC that is able to run the iTunes content to the wider screen with high quality on bigger screens like Windows and Mac devices.

It was announced in San Francisco, California on 12 Sep 2006 by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Apple TV gives you access to an easy to navigate the world of entertainment. You can rent or buy HD movies and get iTunes Extras. You can also listen to your favorite music and internet radio, TV shows and photos. All you have to do is to connect the HDMI cable and your TV will become the HD Entertainment Device.

With the availability of the iTunes Store, you can now get more than your imagination. The HD movies, HD TV show, HD podcasts, HD YouTube Videos can be watched over the Apple TV. All these things are available on request. On Apple TV you can get the instant access to latest released Hollywood hits and popular classic as well as latest libraries of TV shows, movies, all are available at just a click away on iTunes. Not only that you can watch TV Shows on Apple TV, but you can also keep it by downloading your favorite episode. After checking a lot of android TV’s and Smart TV’s, I personally feel that Apple TV’s are best to stream digital content and we can use them to stream on bigger screens like Windows, Mac and FireStick devices.

Apple TV Shows

If you are a TV shows lover then you can understand that how boring is to see the advertisements when an interesting part of the TV show is going on. At Apple TV Shows, you get the HD TV shows that do not contain any ads and therefore you can get uninterrupted entertainment. Whenever you want iTunes brings you your favorite TV shows. You can also get the latest episode as soon as it becomes on air so now you have the option to watch the episodes whenever you want. You are not going to miss any episodes by now.

Not only this, you can now choose from thousands of commercial-free episodes, daily shows. By having a multi-pass you can enjoy a month’s worth of episodes. All you have to do is download and watch on Apple TV. Other than Apple TV you can also watch Apple TV Shows on iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and on the computer too.

At the iTunes Store there is much more to download including Apple TV Shows like Pretty Little Liars, Mad Men, Top Chef, Covert Affairs, Work of Art, Hannah Montana, The secret life of the American teenager, Jonas L.A., Big Brother, Hell’s Kitchen, Glee, Hawthorne, Friday Night Lights, Doctor Who, True Blood and many more. You can get all the episodes of Apple TV Shows and enjoy it when you want. So what are you waiting for, just plug your Apple TV to your Home Theater System and watch TV Shows on Apple TV.

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