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Movies are one of the best source of entertainment that almost everyone is like to watch. Every person has different choices of movies that give them pleasure. In this digital entertainment world now the latest visual trend is the HD (High Definition). Movies are therefore also not apart from it and now the movies come in HD print too. To watch an HD movie, you require an HD Video player device that could read and play the HD DVD’s. Apple TV is the perfect solution for this.

Apple TV is the Digital Media Receiver that is made to get the contents from iTunes Store, YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe or any Mac OSX or windows system that have iTunes on the high definition widescreen television. You need to connect it to your home theater system and HD television and then you can enjoy the movies as per your demand.Apple TV Watch Movies

With the availability of Apple TV, you can make your night to an Apple TV Movies Night. Today there is a large selection of on-demand HD movies are available. The user has the option to choose thousands of movies from every major Hollywood studio. You have the option to either buy it or rent it.

Watch Movies on Apple TV

After you get the Apple TV, you can choose a movie and in seconds you will start watching the opening credits with the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The HD Rentals starts at $3.99 and you get the 30 days to start watching. Then click on the play to Watch Movies on Apple TV as many time as you want in the next 24 hours.

At the iTunes store, you can get all different variety of movies including the comedy, drama, romance, classics, independents, thrillers and others. The Standard definition movie rentals are $2.99 for library titles and $3.99 for new releases. All the short films including the Pixar animated movies are just for $1.99.

The Apple TV movies are available for purchase and the starting price is $9.99. Most of the movies are available on the iTunes store on the same day of their release. If you by the selected movies with the iTunes Extras then you can access beyond the credits and behind the scenes, access special features and watch the interviews and trailers, see photos and more right from the Apple TV.

Best Way – Watch Movies & TV Shows with Apple TV

On Apple TV you can select movies by browsing according to your favorite actor, director. From that movie, you can also get the summary screen where other available movies of the same actor or Director will also be listed as well. This way you can easily find the movies. You can also browse Apple TV Movies latest releases, genres, top movies, get the details about the cast and crew and a list of similar movies and rent it as you like.

Additionally, if the studio is giving the subtitles, foreign language tracks, director speech that is available over Apple TV then you can get it. The Built-in parental controls in Apple TV will help you place the limits on the type of movies your kids can rent and buy. You can also iTunes Movies with Apple TV. You can sync the movie and video library on your computer with the Apple TV and watch on your Computer Screen or you can also sync the movies that you buy and with the help of iTunes you can transfer it to the iPod or iPhone.

So if you are ready to jump in the world of entertainment then make sure you have the Apple TV as you friend of good times for the HD Movies Entertainment.

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